The Estate


Tenuta Duca Marigliano is one of the most beautiful estate in Paestum, located a few steps from the local archaeological excavations and at a short distance from the sea.


Number of Rooms

Relaxation and modern comfort in rooms with an ancient spirit.


Dimensions of the Estate

Outdoor spaces and interior areas tell our story.


Distance from the Archaeological Park

A few steps from the history: archaeological area of Paestum.

Casa Padronale

The Casa Padronale is the true soul of Tenuta Duca Marigliano, an estate in Paestum, the place that contains all the essence of the structure.

It is the symbolic location par excellence, icon of the current philosophy of the Estate but, at the same time, a precious witness of what it was.
Once inside, we immediately realize that we are walking through history. The wide spaces that characterize it evoke pleasant sensations of a bygone era.
Arcs and barrel vaults tell us about the daily life that characterized these spaces, the life of the family who owned the estate.

Casa Coloni - Restaurant

Casa Coloni is another piece of history of the estate Tenuta Duca Marigliano.

Materials, style, shapes: everything tell us of industriousness, devotion, work. Once, the lodgings for families working on the estate stood just here. Simple spaces that keep intact their whole atmosphere.
A skilful conservation work has allowed us to preserve one of the most important pieces of the estate’s mosaic.
Walking through these spaces brings us back in time.