Experiences in the estate
16 August 2018

Tenuta Duca Marigliano


A dive into the traditions, in a location with an historical value, with an eye to the future.

Tenuta Duca Marigliano enhance to the maximum the antique elements that characterize it by incorporating them into a modern vision. The result is a reality in which hotels, locations for events, spas and restaurants coexist together. Contemporary services offered with the work of an experienced and qualified staff. Services that assume a character of absolute originality just because they are nestled in a setting unique in its kind.
The spaces that house the rooms, restaurants and spas are in fact Casa Padronale and Casa Coloni, that is to say the two structures of the nineteenth-century enhanced thanks to a skilful work. In this way, we want to underline a deep link with the territory, which is further emphasized in the external spaces and in the experiences guaranteed to the public.
The outdoor areas, perfect for events but also to relax, are a riot of colours and scents, with evergreen plants, citrus and trees, flowers.
The experiences, inside and outside, are designed to relax but also to entertain and make known.

At the centre of everything there is always the territory, which we make you explore even while sitting comfortably at the table thanks to the dishes designed to maximize the best local raw materials.